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Appointment Manager- Appointment Manager Slide Show 1397kb [Screen Shots | Back]
The purpose of this module is to manage all appointment scheduling and to facilitate the checking in and checking out of patients when they arrive for their appointments. From Appointment Manager, you can:
  • View the Online Help file for each area of the program in which you are currently working
  • Add new patients to the database
  • Modify patient demographic information
  • Create new conditions within patients' records
  • Create or modify information about referring parties
  • Create or modify information about your patients' employers
  • Create or modify information about insurance companies
  • Schedule new appointments for new patients
  • Schedule new or follow-up appointments for existing patients
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Delete appointments
  • Maintain separate appointment schedules for multiple providers and multiple office locations
  • Block off non-appointment times for providers
  • Create, modify, and print reminder letters or post cards for patients with upcoming appointments, or that need to schedule an appointment
  • Create, modify, and print reminder letters or post cards for patients who have missed appointments
  • Print appointment schedules for a single day or a range of dates
  • Print a report of all charges generated and funds received during a single day or a range of dates, including the pertinent patient and condition information, for your billing department
When the patient has completed the visit, you can:
  • Correct any incorrect diagnosis or care rendered information for the current visit
  • Create, modify, and print medication prescriptions, durable medical equipment prescriptions, and test/study orders
  • Print illness or injury status reports
  • Print fee slips
  • Document the receipt of a payment in conjunction with the visit

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