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In order to use the faxing capabilities of Batch Processor, it must be installed on a workstation that has a local modem attached. Batch Processor is compatible with any industry standard class 1,2 or 2.0 fax modem.

The Batch Processor module must remain open at all times in order for it to properly function. It is a small program, and having it open should have no detrimental effect on the performance of the workstation on which it is running. However, it is best to have this program running on a computer that is not used as a normal workstation, such as a network server or print or communications server. While running, Batch Processor can:

  • Display the Online Help file for any area of the program in which you are interested in seeing additional details or information
  • Automatically archive records prior to faxing or printing them
  • Automatically fax batched office visit, communication, or patient status reports (batched reports are reports that are completed but are scheduled to be printed or faxed at a later time in lieu of faxing or printing them immediately.)
  • Automatically batch print office visit, communication, or patient status reports
  • Permanently remove records that had been previously deleted from the database
  • Automatically fax or print the record access invoice
  • Reprint or re-fax previously printed or faxed reports

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