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Data Maintenance and Reports- Data Maintenace Slide Show 1932kb [Screen Shots | Back]
The Data Maintenance and Reports module is the main Medigrate Electronic Office module. All medical transcription activity takes place in this module. In an upcoming release of Electronic Office, an additional "Portable" version of this module will be added to allow for easy off-site transcription, telecommuting, and remote access. From the Data Maintenance and Reports module, you can or the computer program will:
  • View the Online Help file for each area of the program in which you are currently working
  • Do everything that can be done in Provider Quickview (except view patient records in an abbreviated database format),
    PLUS -
  • Enter or edit information in all free-form text fields
  • Modify patient identifying data and demographic information
  • Add new patients to the database
  • Create new conditions within patients' records
  • Document and track authorization requirements and status for each visit
  • Edit information about your organization/medical practice
  • Create or modify information about your staff
  • Set or modify permissions to control what each staff person is able to do within Electronic Office
  • Create or modify information about referring parties
  • Create or modify information about your patients' employers
  • Create or modify information about insurance companies
  • Document each insurance company's pre-authorization requirements
  • Create or modify information about nurse case managers
  • Create or modify custom lists of ICD, CPT, and E-Codes
  • Create or modify templates
  • Edit default values
  • Create or modify common lookup values such as prefixes, suffixes, or languages
  • Modify all other ancillary information necessary to properly operate Electronic Office
  • Print or preview referring party lists, mailing labels, and referral statistics
  • Print or preview insurance company lists, mailing labels, and statistics
  • Print or preview patient employer lists, mailing labels, and statistics
  • Print or preview transcriptionist activity statistics
  • Print or preview ICD and CPT statistics

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