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This module is intended to be kept open on the computer workstations of in-house ancillary providers, such as lab technicians or radiology technicians, or at nurse's stations. With this module your ancillary personnel, or the program, can:
  • View the Online Help file for each area of the program in which you are currently working
  • Be notified (from the "Ancillary Studies" templates in either Provider Quickview or Data Maintenance and Reports) of patients in exam rooms in need of in-house tests or studies
  • View all tests/studies needed, or only specific categories such as lab studies or imaging studies
  • Add the completed tests/studies directly into the correct patient and condition record once the test/study is complete
  • Notify the provider in either Provider Quickview or Data Maintenance and Reports that the tests/studies are complete
  • Automatically add the completed tests/studies to the "Care Rendered" list, and include them on the fee slip

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