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The Provider Quickview module is designed specially for medical providers, and does not provide direct access to the patient medical records database, except for medication information. All records can be viewed in the Text Report Formats, which are much quicker to open and view than are the database format records. While working in the Provider Quickview module you can, or the program will:
  • View the Online Help file for each area of the program in which you are currently working
  • View any existing patient record in either a complete or abbreviated Text Report format
  • Create File Notes or Outgoing Communications for existing conditions
  • Import or scan File Notes, Incoming Communications, or Outgoing Communications for existing conditions
  • Enter medications dispensed and prescribed, or refilled
  • Write medication prescriptions with the Prescription Pad
  • View a list of all current medications being taken, as well as a history of previous medications that have been discontinued
  • Document which medications the patient should continue and which to discontinue
  • Screen the patient for potential drug-to-drug interactions or possible allergic reactions
  • Create and print or fax office visit reports for outside contacts, such as referring parties and insurance companies
  • Use the built-in shortcuts to open the or Patient Eligibility Verification Internet services.

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