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Get your FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote for an estimation of the cost of implementing
Medigrate Electronic Office.
The Medigrate Electronic Office price structure is designed to allow you to instantly recognize the benefits and financial savings of implementing this state-of-the-art program. Your practice's operating efficiency will immediately increase, and your clerical costs will be noticeably decreased in no time at all. This is the first program that can honestly make the claim that it will begin paying for itself almost instantly when properly implemented.

Electronic Office now offers two different pricing options. Regardless of which pricing option you select, your first two monthly authentications, which are required for continued use, will be provided at no charge, so you will still get to use the program FREE for up to 60 days. All of the pricing information and examples below are in United States Dollars, and all invoices must be paid in United States Dollars. The pricing options are:

Pricing Option One:
Electronic Office can be billed on a usage basis for each patient record access. When you select this option, there are NO UP-FRONT COSTS! Payment of the patient record access fees entitle you to ongoing technical support by telephone, fax or email, quarterly First DataBank™ updates, program upgrades, and an authentication code to provide continued use of the program. There are three levels of patient record access fees, based on the method you select to receive your monthly athentication codes. The three levels are explained below.
NEW!! Once a total of $5,000 in access fees has been reached, your status changes to a maintenance level, and your patient record access fees are reduced to $0.01 per access, regardless of the authentication method you have selected. When you have reached maintenance status, you will continue to receive support, upgrades and updates at no extra charge. Continued use of the program requires monthly authentication, and that you remain current on your patient record access fees and/or maintenance fees.
Pricing Option Two: NEW!!
You can purchase a Single Site License for a Single user or Multiple users for a flat licensing fee of $3,500. In addition, you will pay a monthly maintenance fee of $0.01 per patient record access. Payment of the maintenance fees entitles you to ongoing technical support by telephone, fax or email, quarterly First DataBank™ updates, program upgrades, and an authentication code to provide continued use of the program. Continued use of the program requires monthly authentication, and that you remain current on your maintenance fees.
Electronic Office is designed to be able to be easily operated by computer users of all degrees of computer literacy. The program can often times be installed, set up, and put into use in a medical practice with little or no assistance from Medigrate Technical Support staff. However, we recognize that different practices have different needs and levels of computer users.

We would be glad to provide you with on-site Technical Support staff for the installation and configuration of Electronic Office at your practice, as well as Electronic Office Training personnel to provide training for your staff. The cost for this service will depend on the number of Medigrate staff persons you require, the travel costs related to providing them to you, and the length of time they are at your practice.

The additional cost of utilizing Electronic Office Technical Support and/or Training staff persons may be more than compensated for by the decreased time spent by your staff people learning the program.

Medigrate Electronic Office is licensed, not sold, and is always shipped as a complete program. It cannot be obtained in separate modules or as a partial program. When your company receives a licensed copy of Electronic Office, there is no limit to the number of users within your company that can use the various modules.

Electronic Office Fee Structure
(U.S. Dollars)
Pricing Option One:
Up-Front Licensing Fee $0.00
Patient Record Access Usage Fee $0.07-$0.09 / record accessed or created*
Maintenance Fee (After $5,000 in usage fees) $0.01 / record accessed or created
Pricing Option Two: NEW!!
Up-Front Licensing Fee $3,500.00
Patient Record Access Usage Fee $0.00
Maintenance Fee $0.01 / record accessed or created
Both Pricing Options:
Technical Support (phone / email) No Charge
First DataBank Updates No Charge
Electronic Office Upgrades No Charge
On-site program setup and / or training $90/hr. per Medigrate staff person (8 hr. min.) plus travel expenses**
*The rate will depend on the invoicing/authentication option selected by your practice.

**The training course is designed to be a one-day course provided by one Electronic Office Training staff person. However, larger practices or practices with multiple locations may require more than one day, or more than one staff person. A no-obligation quote will gladly be provided at your request.

For an example of how much it may cost to use Electronic Office in your practice, refer to the table below or click here to request a personalized quote.
Cost per Month for the following
Authentication Methods (U.S. Dollars)**
Price Option One
Price Option Two
# Patients
per day
# Patient Record
Accesses per day*
For 27 Mos.
For 24 Mos.
For 21 Mos.
For 13 Mos.
For 12 Mos.
For 11 Mos.
For 7 Mos.
For 6 Mos.
For 5 Mos.
Maintenance Fee



* Assumes each patient's record is accessed an average of five times each patient visit.
** Assumes 21 work days per month.


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