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Medigrate Electronic Office.
  • Easily Create Complete Patient Records
  • Maintain History Log of Patient Medications
  • Screen for Potential Drug Interactions
  • Maintain a Comprehensive Problem List
  • Create Outgoing Communications
  • Import Communications from Outside Sources
  • Appointment Scheduling for Multiple Providers and Locations
  • Automatically Calculate CPT Codes
  • Easily Order In-House Tests and Studies in Real-Time
  • Generate Fee Slips at Checkout
  • Automatically Fax Reports
  • Password Protected
  • Patient Information Stored on Your Local System- NOT on the Internet.
Medigrate Electronic Office Modules:
Provider Quickview Provider Quickview Fee Slip Manager Fee Slip Manager
Data Maintenance and Reports Data Maintenance and Reports Messenger Messenger
Appointment Manager Appointment Manager Batch Processor Batch Processor
The Medigrate Electronic Office integrated medical office system is a collection of individual Windows® -based program modules that work together to create the most comprehensive and user-friendly electronic patient records and scheduling program on the market.

Implementation of Electronic Office in medical practices or clinics of any size or specialty can greatly increase the reliability and consistency of patient care documentation, as well as dramatically reduce the costs of creating, storing and retrieving patient files.

With Electronic Office, the days of lost or misplaced patient files will be a thing of the past! Properly used, this system will improve patient care, increase office efficiency, and increase reimbusements. In addition, Medigrate Electronic Office makes compliance with the complex new Medicare E&M Documentation guidelines a breeze.


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