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Download Electronic Office NOW or receive a CD in the mail.
This is not a watered down 'Lite' version of the real thing, it is the real thing! You will receive a fully functional, complete copy of Electronic Office to try out in your practice.
When you install Electronic Office and complete the setup process, you will automatically be able to use the program until the end of the month following the month you install the program. For the following two months, authentication codes will be provided at no charge. Beginning with your third authentication code and for all subsequent authentication codes, you will be charged based on the pricing option and authentication method you select when you register your copy of the program.
Minimum System Requirements.
The Administrator's Guide and Installation Instructions come with Electronic Office when you download it or order the CD by mail. If you plan to order the CD by mail, you can download a copy of the guide now to become more familiar with the program as you wait for your CD.
View or Download the Administrator's Guide and Installation Instructions.(Approx. 750 kb)
PDF format - requires Adobe® Acrobat® PDF reader.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Please provide us with the following information. We will respond with an estimate of how much your monthly Patient Record Access fees and Maintenance fees should be, based on the volume of patients your practice sees. At the bottom of this form you will be able to select between downloading the program or ordering it on CD. If you indicate that you would like to receive a CD there is a $6.95USD postage and handling charge, and it will be sent to you via USPS First Class mail. Required fields are indicated with red captions. This form cannot be submitted without all required fields completed.

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